How to Start

Our club operates under the controlling motor sport body, CAMS – Confederation of Australian Motor Sports.  As such most rules we operate under are found at, but we have listed a few of the basic requirements that will see you started.

You must be a member of a CAMS club, like ours “Ipswich and West Moreton Auto Club Inc” and have a CAMS licence. (Download the IWMAC membership application)


The application form for CAMS can be dowloaded from their website. Send off both applications and you should receive your IWMAC club membership and cams licenses within a few weeks.

If you want to try with less expense, a one day CAMS licence can be obtained.


The Car:

Pretty much any vehicle that will pass a basic safety check (not roadworthy check).  Each CAMS event has Scutineering where the vehicle is checked for compliance with CAMMS rules. Some of the items checked are:

  • Seats not broken and bolted in OK. (So you can drive without the seat moving, and it shouldn’t move if you have an off)
  • Seat belts work and not damaged (So they won’t let you fall out if you do have a little oops!)
  • Two return springs on throttle ( so throttle will still return to off if one breaks)
  • Positive battery terminal is covered by at least electrical tape (to stop chance of sparking), and battery secured.
  • A blue triangle of sides 150mm indicating the location of the battery.
  • If registered, you must present an extension letter from your Compulsory Third Party insurer stating the car and the event. Just go in to an office, or try by phone – it isn’t hard.
  • Tyres not showing wire/canvas/obvious sidewall damage.  Also no rally/off road tyres. Normal road tyres are fine.
  • Fire Extinguisher at least 0.9kg, with a metal mount (not plastic like a lot of really cheap ones) Should be 40-50 dollars. Must be in date, ie on the bottom there is normally a year stamped.  Must be within 3 years.
  • If you have an electric fuel pump it must switch off when the engine stalls ( so it can’t pump fuel out of a broken fuel line in an incident).  If you have an unmodified late model car it will have this from factory.
  • Visible towing points (capable of accepting a 40mm OD cylindrical test object) fitted forward of the front axle and rearwards of the rear axle and capable of towing the automobile on a sealed surface with its wheels locked. RPM make tow hooks out of a seat belt like material which are easy to bolt to bumper mounts, or similar.
  • Normally a windscreen would be fitted, but open wheel cars/buggies can run but must have a full face helmet with visor/goggles. If you have no front windscreen fitted, then the rear should also be out.
  • Mudguards, especially front, must be fitted on open, buggy type vehicles.

If you have any questions use the “Contact Us” page to ask a question.  They aren’t hard requirements to comply with.


Yourself :

Drugs/alcohol are strictly prohibited in motorsport, and CAMS has the authority to conduct random checks at any CAMS event.

  • You don’t need a road licence at all. But if you don’t have one, get someone to bring you out!
  • Minimum age for junior competition is 14 years.  Seniors are 17 and over.
  • Clothing that covers you from ankle to wrist, and is not synthetic.  (eg Cotton overalls or Jeans and long T-shirt), covered footwear (also not synthetic), so no thongs, but joggers good. Gloves optional.
  • Full or open face helmet that complies with ASA1698, (Aus Standard for helmets).  There is a sticker somewhere on the helmet that shows ASA1698, and any motorsport shop will carry good helmets. Note - open cars with no windscreen, like a buggy or openwheeler must have goggles or a visor.
  • You must be amember of a CAMS affiliated club (eg us) and also hold a basic CAMS licence.  These can be arranged on your first day, and there is a one day CAMS licence if you want to try with a reduced cost.


On the Day:

Arrive at willowbank about 7 am for unloading, entry and scrutineering (vehicle/clothing check). Entries should be done on-line using the system on this website, and then it is a quick check of you licence, confirming no and grabbing the dorian (for the timing) and c=signing the CAMS disclaimer. Oh, and payment of entry. Once entered and checked there will be a couple of exploritory laps (slow pace) to see where the track goes, and prior to competition a drivers briefing (compulsory).  Don’t be afraid to ask questions, we all had a first meeting once :)


Starting is from a concrete pad with a traffic light setup :  Red = Stop, Green = GO.  Just have a look to the side vehicles are approaching you from and take off.  Timing starts electronically as soon as you move and that small orange box that you fitted to the car goes over the loop in the track.. Just make sure you have first gear and not reverse – it’s embarrassing.


Try to drive on the track, and hopefully increase your speed and confidence during the day.  No one notices a neat driver, even if slow, but a spinning driver- everyone notices!


Main requirement – Have Fun!!!


Visit the CAMS Web Site



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